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Welcome To CV. Duta Maju Lancar

Dear Customers,

Welcome to our website!

Our Company, CV. Duta Maju Lancar, is manufacturer of teak garden furniture and exporter of teak outdoor garden furniture from Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Since 1992, we produce Teak Garden Chairs, Teak Garden Benches, Teak Garden Tables, and Teak Garden Furniture with many kinds of model and exported to many countries in European Market, USA market, and Australian market.

Teak Garden Furniture Made From Plantation Grown Teak Wood
Teak Garden Furniture

With long experience in Teak Wood Furniture and Outdoor Teak Furniture, and supported by some talented – experienced carpenters, our teak garden furniture is always exist in the international market. The choice of teak wood as raw material of our teak outdoor garden furniture is the main factor that will determine the quality of each of the products. Our production is also completed with kiln-dry rooms to maintain the stable construction and quality, and to control the moisture content of teak wood.

Our main aim of this business is simply to do a long mutual business relationship. We are welcome to everyone who interested to do business with us.

Dear Customers, thank you for your stay, and come back to our websites again as we will always up-date the info of new model ,info of stocks, and other interesting info related to our garden furniture products.

Best regards,

CV. Duta Maju Lancar


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