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About Teak Wood

Teak is a kind of wood that can be classified into first class durability of wood, Because it can be durable in each climate or weather in all around the world, such as summer winter, snow, spring, rain, hot, and etc.

Teak Wood
Teak Wood

In Indonesia there are many kind of teak wood, in Java Island this teak is classified into 3 categories: Unit I (Central Java) Unit II (East Java), and Unit III (West Java). Each of Unit is also classified into some categories (according to size, diameter, and qualification, and also the purpose).


Our teak for garden furniture is Unit I (central Java), class III (diameter 30 cm – up). This categories is export standard for raw material of garden furniture. Unit I class I is for Indonesia government, class II is for veneer, Class III for garden furniture, class IV is for indoor and local market furniture, and class V is for fire. Unit II and Unit III is about the same with Unit I, but different in quality. Most carpenters in Indonesia using this unit teak wood for indoor furniture and local market.

Our Teak Wood for Garden Furniture
Our Teak Wood for Garden Furniture

Our teak wood as raw material for garden furniture was bought by Perum Perhutani (Indonesian State Forestry Department) which was harvested from plantation forest, grown in accordance with the government of Indonesia reforestation sustained yield program.


Teak garden furniture is for out door purpose, direct sunshine and rain or snow will change the color of the teak into dark grey. As teak wood have natural characteristic and the furniture is partly made by hand, some slight irregularities or little damage may occur should be tolerable such as fastening, changing color, and etc.

To handle its natural characteristic of teak garden furniture, we advise you to:

  1. Store in dry place.

  2. Use the furniture as its function, (such as chair for sit, armchair for arm not nor sit, etc.).

  3. Check the furniture (the construction and the function) regularly.

  4. Fastening the screw regularly.

  5. Cleaning with brush, water, and soap.

  6. Using teak oiled if necessary (to retain the original color).

  7. Using wood adhesive if any crack, etc.

  8. Using sand paper if necessary.


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